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Cybersecurity Symposium

April 2, 2019

CSS2019 EC Grid

A Vision for Securing a Converging World

The 2019 Critical Infrastructure Security Forum welcomes ICS users, vendors, system security providers, utility and government representatives that will discuss the latest cyber-incidents, analyze their causes and collaborate on solutions. The stakes of critical infrastructure protection and securing ICSs are becoming increasingly apparent. This year’s forum will focus on overcoming the Cyber Threats facing Local Government and Utility Districts by bringing together representatives from all facets of Public Sector Water & Wastewater, Transportation & Infrastructure communities. The forum will create an opportunity for idea sharing, collaborative strategy development, and the continued creation of a Community of Interest that will ultimately benefit the People of California.

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A Vision for Improving Security Collaboration

As technology improves and digital communication becomes an ever increasingly important part of everyday life, the demand for Government and Educational Institutions to provide protection for citizens from Cyber based attacks, also increases, often at an alarming rate.  The need for collaboration between branches of Government, the Education Community, and Private Industry has reached the point where sharing data, best practices, and Cyber Strategy is no longer an option.

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What People Are Saying

"Great event, thanks for organizing!"

— CA Department of Health Care Services

“I think year to year, the organizers have done a tremendous job to diversify in all aspects. Keep up the great work.”

— CA Department of Health Care Services

“I really liked the SEPs, I think you can get more out of the short presentations with varying points of view and experience.
I would like to hear more about 18F and how California can have a similar group.”

— CA Department of Health Care Services

“Thanks for having these forums. They are definitely worthwhile!”

— CA Department of Motor Vehicles

“Great summit, best one so far and I've attended all.”

— CA Department of Motor Vehicles

Strength In Leadership

The content for each of our events is created by small, focused advisory boards comprised of members with a passion for the topics. Advisory boards are normally comprised of 1:1 public and private participants to facilitate and improve collaboration. Each member comes from a position of leadership within the focus topic technology.